Thrift Shopping: SuccesfuLeigh Stress Free


As our next project update, Ben and I would love to show you two new videos! Not only is our surprise video live– one where I go see Ben perform at a choir performance, but also our time thrift shopping!

Ben and I, as you will see in the video end up thrift shopping at a local shop called Savers. While in there, we found plenty of junk and plenty of nice items that just needed a new home. At the end of the video you will be able to see Ben find a special item that he enjoyed and why he does so. This was not the only item but the best he shows is cool and a good example of the items that can be found thrift shopping.

The reason we went thrift shopping is quite simple. We figured it would be relaxing and stress relieving to browse through cheap clothing to find the perfect gem in a crowd full of plastic. The experience we had was relaxing although we didn’t find as many good pieces of clothing as we thought we would.

Overall, it was a fun time and enjoy the next two videos we have on our channel!


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