Beach Day and Future Trips (20 Times Update)

The video of the beach trip is made! Thanks to Ben, our video is made and will soon be uploaded to be our second video. Then, the first surprise video we filmed will be uploaded to have three videos so far: the Starbucks trip, the beach day, then the surprise video. We plan on having six to seven videos uploaded by the end of this project which has been successful so far.

Our next trip we plan to go thrift shopping! We intend for this a way to relieve stress because there is no other feeling like finding something at a bargain price. However, we will find out once going thrift shopping if it really is a way to relieve stress. We have brainstormed ideas such as bargain hunting and just browsing, but we have also thought of some challenges. Such as, having only $10 and picking out a full outfit or trying to find a specific item for a lower price. However, while fun, these may induce stress but we can test it out for ourselves and for you, our viewer. Hopefully in the next update we will have 3 videos up and running and new clothingand other miscellaneous items to show off!

– Delaney


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