Stress Free Beach Day

Update of Our 20 Times Project:


As our second video of SuccessfuLEigh Stress Free, Ben and I decided to travel to the beach! It was a grand time and we will create a video based off of footage we have gotten from the trip.

We first went to Santa Cruz to a beach that was being worked on by cranes, so we went further south to a beach that was relatively empty considering it was a Tuesday, mid-day. Not many people were out unless they were walking their dogs or surfing, which made for a nice quiet relaxed setting. It was warm and there were a couple clouds but nothing too crazy. The setting itself was very stressed relieving as a beach always is. We wanted to try going to the beach because the setting itself is very nice and see what activities would be stress relieving. We sat and watched the surfers and relaxed for a little bit before starting our homework. However, we quickly learned doing homework on a beach is in fact quite difficult. The wind makes it hard to do anything with paper or books so we tested, and came to the conclusion that while the setting is stress-relieving, doing homework there is not (because of wind).

Overall however, it was a nice change of pace on a Tuesday and was a good way to relieve stress!


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