“What has been troubling you recently”?

Well, recently I have had issues with my sister Ophelia. She seems so young and reckless these days. You see, she is tangled in some love affair with Hamlet. Can you believe it! THE Hamlet. We are not of royal blood and are never going to be. But she still has her feelings for this man who she could never meet the standards of. She also does not seem to realize how young and frivolous the whole thing is. They are young and think “oh what a fun time” but it’s not like this kind of thing lasts. Not to mention if they have too much fun, it would ruin her honor and ruin our families honor while at it. We don’t need some offspring of a temporary love extravaganza that would ruin our family name and make her useless to the society. Yet when I tell her all these things she sasses me back and claims I need to not be hypocritical! I do not think my younger sister realizes what’s at stake here! Her pride and honor along with her families! Not to mention she needs to understand the double standards facing her in this day in age. If I want to get with women I can, but she can not do the same– she could forever be cursed with a child from it. But yes in short, my sister and her youthful ignorance is troubling me greatly.




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