Hypocrisy of DiLorenzo


Today I am going to show a passage from the book “The Problems With Socialism” by Thomas DiLorenzo and my problems with it.

When talking about income tax overall, not even specifically a progressive tax, DiLorenzo mentions, “When the government decides what percentage of your income you keep, your income, which is your property, has been socialized; and if you don’t agree with ‘the needs of government,’ you can face a long prison sentence” (128).

I have so many issues with this passage.

First off, for any income tax, the income taken out for taxes is inherently not yours. You never receive the money because it is taken out of a paycheck before you receive it, so how is it your property if you knowingly will never receive it? But no, according to DiLorenzo it is socializing America to have income taxes– which makes no sense. No government could run efficiently without an income tax: it is part of living in any country, not exclusively a socialist one. It does not matter how “capitalist” a country is: to have a country even running in the first place, taxes are necessary.

Secondly, it is oddly unpatriotic coming from a conservative standpoint to not “agree with the needs of government”.To not want to pay income taxes is intrinsically unpatriotic, let alone question the fact that taxes are a basic civil duty rather than a burden on your imagined property. This is hypocritical to not want to fulfill a citizen’s duty (in any country), yet claim conservatism is the real, patriotic, American value.



2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy of DiLorenzo

  1. I 100% agree with your statement about taxes, how it is our duty as American’s to pay them. I also find it interesting what you said about conservatives being for government when in reality they are against it. It is funny how hypocritically people can be, especially about politics.


  2. I have to say I understand where DiLorenzo is coming from. The government can only receive income tax from taxing one’s right to earn money. The money wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the millions and millions of hard working Americans busting their asses to make ends meet. I believe Dilorenzo’s angst and anger comes from the knowledge we don’t know he has on the topic. He probably knows where our income taxes go and doesn’t agree, as do I. But nevertheless living is not free and you gotta work hard and pay hard to live.


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