The Problem with Socialism


A book I have been reading recently is called “The Problem With Socialism”, by Thomas DiLorenzo. It is about the problems with the current movement of socialism in America and goes over the issues the movement has faced, and does face when implemented. So far, I have read the first five chapters and I can say I do not thoroughly enjoy this book. It is a book I feel I need to read and finish, but one I somewhat am intrigued by, but do not like.

I wanted to talk about why I bought this book in the first place. I read the title of this book and was drawn in by the cover. I am very interested in communist countries and their way of life, but also am interested by socialism itself. It seems so taboo in American politics, so naturally I want to know more about it. I would also like to start by saying that for the most part, I am fairly liberal and socialism– especially with young people– is a growing interest and something again I am intrigued by. But I wanted to expand my horizons and read a book completely trashing the growing movement amongst young people.

I can easily say my horizon has only expanded I would say about 4 inches. I find myself judging the rhetoric of DiLorenzo, pointing out that he does not use data or research, but rather as I like to call it, “alternative information and reasoning”. He seems to only give metaphors and reasoning from personal opinions to explain to people why socialism is bad, which does not do him justice. He also tries to bring in history, but seems to realize and understand his intended audience has not picked up a history book– unlike myself. He leaves information out regarding history blaming everything on socialism. For example, he claims that once the African colonies were on their own, and adopted socialism, their economy and way of life tanked because of socialism. He seems to leave out the fact that any economy now not under the protection of a large world power such as Great Britain would indeed, tank. This type of reasoning just makes me angry.

Even though I do not enjoy reading this book and in fact get so frustrated by it, I want to finish it. I am not here to defend socialism, because I do agree with some of DiLorenzo’s points, but the rest of the points he makes are faulty and it makes it hard to see his narrow viewpoint.



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