Intro to SuccessfuLeigh Stress Free

Intro to Our 20 Times Project:

Ben and I started this project in hopes of reducing the stress students feel at Leigh. People are stressed– with college apps, grades, extracurricular activities– you name it. So, Ben and I are going to give ways that students can relieve their stress: whether it be painting, going to listen to jazz, or watching the sunset, there are many opportunities to relieve stress. Our job is to  spread these ideas! Our platform is going to be an entertaining YouTube channel with videos that have ideas within them or give a glimpse of how these ideas work in real life, with us trying them. So far, the YouTube channel has been created with the channel name being “Stress Free Ben and Delaney”. We plan on creating videos soon, but first have to survey the school as to see what they do to relieve stress. Then we will start creating videos with our own ideas and go from there!  stress-free


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